Friday, September 20, 2013

“Seminar on India's Response to a Changing Myanmar”

India International Centre in Seminar Hall III, Kamladevi Block, September 20, 2013
Jointly organized by
Society for Policy Studies, Burma Centre Delhi and India International Centre

Keynote speech by Mr. Pinak Chakravarti, Secretary MEA - Indo-Myanmar Relations

Section I
Moderator Ms. Rashmi Sakena, SPS
1. Prof. Baladas Goshal (JNU) - India’s role in political transition in Myanmar
2. Dr. Aye Maung (Chairperson, Rakhine Nationalities Development Party) MP Myanmar new Parliament: its challenges in 2014 as ASEAN Chair, expectations for 2015 elections and response from neighbouring countries
3. Ei Ei Toe Lwin, Senior Reporter, The Myanmar Times = Role - of media in Myanmar and law on freedom of press
4. Salai Isaac Khen (Executive Director, Gender and Development Initiative-Myanmar) - Overview of present political scenario in Myanmar and peace process with ethnic armed groups
5. Mr. Tarun Basu - Exploring the role of media in a democracy

Section II
Moderator HE PPS Malik
1. Pu Zam Cin Pao (Chairperson, Chin National Party) MP - India-Myanmar joint ventures and border situation
2. Dr. Tint Swe, Chairperson BCD - Overview of Investments and Economic development in Myanmar
3. Mr. Kuppuswamy (South Asia Analysis Group) = Trade and Business: India-Myanmar
4. Mr. Ashish Sonal, CEO Orkash
5. Mr. Ravi Bhoothlingam, Manas Advisoru and Member CII
6. Mr. Atul Shunglu, Assistant Secretary FICCI

Vote of thanks by SPS and Dr. Alana Golmei (BCD)