Monday, October 15, 2012

Facebook မွာစကားေျပာျခင္း (၆)

Suu Kyi an icon lacking political experience: Channel NewsAsia
- Aung San Suu Kyi may be one of the world's most renowned political activists, but when it comes to reviving her impoverished homeland, observers say the opposition leader will need help.
- Kyaw P Kyaw (Is it foolish to criticise Aung San Suu Kyi?) Is it foolish to criticise Aung San Suu Kyi? | Democratic Voice of Burma
- As Aung San Suu Kyi jets across the US to collect further accolades, she continues to attract criticism over Burma’s persecuted minorities.
- Kyaw P Kyaw ဘယ္ဟာပို မုိက္သတုန္း??????
- Myanmar May ဘယ္ဟာပိုမိုက္သလဲေတာ့ မသိဘူး။ ဘယ္သူမွ အားမေပးတာကေတာ့ သိသာတယ္။ လိုက္ခ္လည္း တခုမွတက္မလာဘူး။ အေမ့သား အေမ့သမီးေတြ ဖရန္႔လစ္ ထဲမွာ မ်ားေနျပီေပါ့.
- Kyaw P Kyaw မ်ားေလေကာင္းေလေပါ့ အဟက္
- Tint Swe What do you mean of experience? Maybe Daw Suu has (2012
- 1988) = 24 years of hectic and life-threatening experience only. All the statesmen in the world who took oath for the first time has had nothing of that before.
- Myanmar May So you should try to give comment to Channel News Asia. For me, I never think she has the good qualification that is worthy for her fame. Sorry for disagree.
- Tint Swe That level of observation does not deserve a comment of such. Those who do a good research can give the legitimate account. I do agree to appreciate the disagreement.
- Myanmar May you can't rate the observation level of others. And you can never know it. On Facebook, we have the freedom of speech and we can express what we think. The politician like Daw Su will get this kind of comments for sure. You have been outside for a long time and you can't know what is really happening on ground of Myanmar. If you don't agree that post above, you should give the comment to those who write articles directly as I said before. I am just agree these articles and believe Daw Su is not qualify enough. That's all. And your comment above is like the culture of military government. Because the military government never let people to comment and if we comment, they control the freedom of speech or discriminate or defame to those who comment. Very Funny.
- Myanmar May And I believe every citizen can give comment and show their dislike to their so-called national leader.
- Tint Swe I have had such comments during 22 years and am used to it and not moved. Criticisms are welcome and I see health in a democracy. Without is it is harmful. Yes I have been physically away from Burma but I am in touch with all events every day and night. Just seconds before this posting I was reading a mail from a youth from my constituency. So I know something. My observation and analysis are based on the real ground reality not from books. Daw Suu passed through the era of so-called criticisms in the New Light of Myanmar. The politicians do politics and analysts do their works. Both should be supportive to each other for good reason. So please pursue writing critical analysis. I don't see dictator's job funny. They are so clever and cunning.